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Is a highly focused program designed by Sifu Amayo, to help participants learn Yoruba songs and their related vocabulary in a short reasonable time. It combines the effectiveness of focused repetition, visualization, synchronized movements and breath, creating an effective, refreshing and exciting approach to learning.

“Lead singer Amayo channels Fela Kuti.”
 PRI’s The World

THE YORÙBÁS – A Brief History.

Oral tradition and new knowledge says, during antiquity, Nubians of “Kmt” (Kemet) were Yorùbá ancestors who lived in Ancient Egypt. As far back as 65,000BC, forty thousand years ago, the indigenous Nok culture, occupied the current Nigerian region. It was the Bronze Age, a time of high civilization of these cultures. Then came several big wars and invasions of Ancient Egypt between 2000BC and 500BC, resulting in many Egyptian tribes migrating West-wards and South-wards across the continent. Some came to the present day Yorùbá and Edoland. According to Yorùbá historical accounts, king Odùduwà, led one of these migrations and settled peacefully in the already established Ilé-Ifè, the sacred city of the indigenous Nok people.

“A raucous, joyous celebration of Afrobeat.”
 Rolling Stone Magazine

Classes are divided into 3 sections:

You will learn:

1. Yorùbá Vocabulary

Song specific vocabulary and numbers.
Lip shaping exercises, Vowels and visualization.

2. African Dance/Kung Fu

You will learn simple African dance steps.
Kung Fu warrior movements, to activate and awaken your Orisha (your spirit).

Emphasis on 3 Elements: Air, Earth, & Water.

Respect –salutation (breathing)
Palm facing in/facing out (receiving/giving)
Counting in Yoruba (breaths)

Solid foundation – stances/poses
Horse, bow & arrow, cat, cross & golden chicken

Fluidity (the flow) – rhythm and movement
Putting it all together in rhythm
“Be like water…”– Bruce Lee

3. Traditional/Òrìshà Songs

There are a total of 16 standard songs in the comprehensive program.
Workshop Part 1, focuses on 2 Òrìshà songs.
- 1 Èshù (Elégbèje àdó) song,
- 1 or two Ògún songs.

“[Duke] Ellington uses his remarkable abilities to dispel any lazy presumptions about genre and race.
[Duke] Amayo carries on that mission.”
 The Village Voice


Saturdays May 17th & 24th, 2014

Private Residence
Brooklyn, New York
(Exact location will be given upon registration.)


$ 300 per student includes both (two) 3 hour workshops.

“It takes some real hoodoo to keep a crowd gyrating to the same groove for three and a half hours. But by the time the Fu-Arkist-Ra wrapped up their set, any semblance of a tyrannically periodic time flow had already been thwarted by more natural rhythms thanks to Amayo’s Afrocentrist lyrics and the fact that the ensemble was playing Afrobeat.”
- The Village Voice

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“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
 – Bruce Lee

Our mission is to empower you through movement and voice.
Singing Yoruba Ifa spirituals connects us to our Ancient past.
Ancient Memories of our True Spirit nature is activated.
Be FREE and be 1 with the Energy force field within and Around you!

All classes led by Sifu Amayo, lead singer of the Afrobeat band Antibalas & founder of Fu Arkist Ra, a combination of traditional Chinese Lion rhythms and Nigerian Afro-beat. This unique blend of styles creates a vivid and magical landscape for stories, lessons, and dances of ancient African & Chinese folklore.

British born and raised in Nigeria, Amayo has ignited festival crowds and packed audiences into a frenzy across the US, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

He is a senior master of the Jow Ga Kung Fu School of martial arts, rooted in the ancient shaolin school. He has been studying, performing, and teaching Kung Fu for over 25 years, He was the accent coach for Fela on Broadway.

“Top 12 Musicians With World-Changing Positions.” - The Economist, 2013



* Please note that all tickets purchased for this workshop are non-refundable. They are transferable should you decide to give your spot to someone else.

“The Fu-Arkist-Ra are the invention of Abraham “Duke” Amayo, best known as chanteur and composer for Antibalas, Brooklyn’s premier Afrobeat ensemble. This side project’s name is a rough amalgam of fu (from “kung fu,” meaning “to strive for excellence”) and arkestra, the variant spelling of “orchestra” coined by avant-jazz avatar Sun Ra.”
– The Village Voice

** A portion of all proceeds goes towards “Amenawon Solar School” in Lagos, Nigeria!